IoT Value Plan Subscribers, MindAccess Developer Plan Subscribers and MindAccess Operator Plan Subscribers

Data Exploration built on Tableau®

  • The offering is optimized for up to 10 asset data exports.

Fleet Manager

  • Image upload for asset and hierarchy levels currently disabled (placeholders are used instead).

  • Time-series data with a minimum time resolution of 1 second can be used for chart visualization.

  • Time-series data of type Boolean are displayed in table view only.

  • Data export is currently limited to a time range of 90 days.

  • Data export is currently only working with timezone set to UTC.

Fleet Manager Rules

  • In Rules Extension the number of concurrent activated rules per asset is limited to 100 rules 

  • In Rules Extension the number of concurrent rules in total per asset is limited to 200 rules

Visual Flow Creator

  • The number of worksheets is limited to 10 per User

  • The number of nodes for one sheet is limited to 100

  • The amount of data stored in the context of function node is limited to 128 KB and only one context variable is allowed

  • Limit of the request frequency is 6 requests per minute for one node 

  • The calculation duration of function node must be less than 10 seconds

  • Only 2000 values could be processed per time series request

  • General: The execution time of all nodes for one Account could be limited depending on the Application and Platform load

  • All created workflows are visible for all Users of your Account

Predictive Learning

  • Dataset names cannot contain forward or backward slashes.

  • IoT data consumption only supports:

    • Import of time series data.

    • The time span per data import transaction is limited to one year.

    • One property type per import transaction.

User Management

  • A sporadic failure may occur when inviting a User via the User Management user interface. The current workaround is to reinvite the User.

  • After modifying the authorization of a User via User Management user interface, the change is not immediately visible. The User has to close the browser and login again.

Identity Management

  • Tenant administrators can activate or deactivate Multifactor Authentifications (MFA)

  • Siemens customers can use Corporate Entitlement Service.

In both case please write a mail to with the following content:  

  • Subject: Activation of MFA for tenants

    Dear MindSphere Provisioning Team

    Please set the authentication method for the tenant given below to the authentication method given below.

    Available authentication methods:

    Username/password via WebKey (default)

    Multi-factor authentication (MFA) via WebKey

    Multi-factor authentication (MFA) via WebKey via Corporate Entitlement Service (only for Siemens BUs)

Tenant name: <your tenant name here>

Authentication method: <option: 1, 2, or 3>

Tenant Management

It is temporary not possible to creat sub-tenants.

Usage Transparency Service

Amount of users is currently refreshed only every 4 hours.