MindSphere Application Subscribers

Predictive Learning

What's new?

  • Model Management

    • Users now have the ability to use filtering to access models stored in the Model Management service. This will allow a more specified selection of relevant models based on mandatory and optional parameters.

Fixed issues

  • Releasing a fix related to an issue that arises when sharing Datasets within a tenant with more than 100 users. Previously, when there were more than 100 users, not all of them showed up on the list to share Datasets between users as options.

Product Intelligence

What's new?

  • Analytics

    • Analytics Configurations can include nested KPIs.

    • Nested KPI Analytics Configurations support group by field, group by date, and series by filters.

    • Nested KPI Analytics Configurations can run on a schedule.

  • Access Control

    • Limited user functionality added to accounts in access control to give read-only view of shared dashboards with non-Product Intelligence subscribers.

  • Dashboards

    • Added limited user dashboard view for non-Product Intelligence users.

  • Visualization

    • Added ability to share data sources.

    • Added timestamp to created and last updated fields on data sources page.

  • External Data

    • Implemented scheduling of external data sources in Data Prep Configurations.

    • Added ability to change column names for join results schema.

    • Limited the number of auto-run configurations for join data sources.

    • Added max row limits field to save join configuration dialog box.