MindSphere Application Subscribers

Predictive Learning

What's new?

  • Users now have the ability to use different MindSphere APIs such as Data Exchange, Model Management, and IoT Time Series from Zeppelin Notebook, the model development workspace for Predictive Learning. The user's tenant must have valid access to these APIs in order to utilize them in the workspace environment. This Zeppelin Notebook can be accessed by:

    • Going to the 'Manage Analytics Workspaces' page, starting a compute cluster, then launching a notebook.

    • Going to 'Manage Environments' page, starting an environment, then opening a notebook.

Product Intelligence

What's new?

  • PI Modeling

    • Added ability to use boubles as multiplier in KPI definitions.


    • Added calculations to dashboard KPI widgets.

  • External Data

    • Added job run status to join data sources page.

  • Visualization

    • Added ability to view data source usage details from visualization data sources page.

Fixed issues

  • Users received an access error when saving Metadata Configurations in the Admin view.

  • Usage metrics were not being updated for Modern Analytics upgrades.

  • Corrected page label on Manage Visualizations for Bulk Export Workbooks page.