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Asset Manager

Known issues

  • Asset Type "core.basicenterprise"is displayed but cannot be instantiated.

  • Deleted subtenants leave a subtenant-asset, which can currently not be deleted by the tenant admin. You can move all assets from below the subtenant-asset to another level of the hierarchy. The structure below the subtenant-asset will then be empty.

CMS X-ToolsV5.0.0.0

What's new?

  • Windows 10 support

  • Windows Server 2016

  • Upload data to MindSphere V3

Known issues

  • General: X-Tools is capable to upload huge amount of data, but the restriction of your MindSphere plan have to be met all the time.

  • A spectrum which should be uploaded to the MindSphere cannot exceed 2048 lines.

  • See local installed release notes.

Data Exploration built on Tableau®

Known issues

  • The offering is optimized for up to 10 asset data exports.

  • The aggregation methods mintime, maxtime, firsttime, lasttime cannot be used.

Fleet Manager

What's new?

  • Support of Sub Tenant Use Case

  • Improved quick ranges for time picker

Fixed issues

  • Sorting in data export

Fleet Manager Rules

What's new?

  • New condition: In Range and Out of Range 

  • Optimized error handling

  • Rules will be deleted if asset is deleted

  • Sub Tenant Support

  • Improved pictures for debouncing time, hysteresis and limits event overt time

Identity and Access Management

Known issues

  • After modifying the authorization of a User via Identity Management Service, the change is not immediately visible. The User must then close the browser and login again.

  • When you logged in via CES authentication in some cases it might happen that the logout fails. In this case please close the browser without logging out.

  • If you choose Multifactor-Authentication (MFA) and you login for the first time as "public", then you are required for a one time password (OTP). If you logout and login in a follow-up "private" session, you are not requested for OTP once more.  

Additional information about Identity Management

  • Tenant administrators can activate or deactivate Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

  • Siemens customers can use Corporate Entitlement Service.

You have the option of choosing the following authentication methods:

Available authentication methods:

  1. Username/password via WebKey (default)

  2. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) via WebKey

  3. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) via WebKey via Corporate Entitlement Service (only for Siemens BUs)

Please write a mail to with the following content:  

  • Subject: Activation of MFA for tenants

    Dear MindSphere Provisioning Team,

    Please set the authentication method for the tenant given below to the authentication method given below.

    Tenant name: <your tenant name here>

    Authentication method: <option: 1, 2, or 3>

MindConnect Integration

What's new?

Version Upgrade to 4.5 including general improvements on stability and performance.

MindConnect Edge Analytics

What's new?

  • MindConnect Edge Analytics is released on the MindConnect Nano.

  • It's right now restricted to one connected SM1281 as data provider.

  • The usage of datapoints within the MindConnect Nano system is limited because of the share of hardware resources.

Known issues

  • To be able to download a configuration to the device the engine has to be started. If not the download will fail (Without sufficient error message).

MindSphere OS Bar

What's new?

Additional icons are delivered via the OS Bar. (Subtenant icons)

Subtenant Functionality

What's new?

  • Subtenants can be used in IoT Value Plan Tenants.

  • User Management can be employed to create subtenants and assign Users to subtenants.

  • Asset Manager supports the subtenant use case.

  • Event Management is now supported for subtenants.

Known issues

  • There's currently no possibility to delete subtenants or to change a subtenants name or description using the UI. Subtenants can be deleted using the Tenant Management API.

  • The subtenant use case is not yet supported by Data Flow Engine.

  • Applications can use the subtenant functionality via the provided APIs. Tenant administrators should pay attention when assigning such apps to subtenant users assSubtenant isolation cannot be ensured by the platform and the app might expose data to the user that is not intended to be seen.

  • When moving an asset from a parent tenant to a subtenant, there might be a delay of up to 30 minutes until a subtenant user will be able to see data related to that asset.

User Management

What's new?

  • Subtenants can be created and subtenant users can be assigned to it.

  • Different kind of users can be created:

    • "Global user" can access all assets within the tenant

    • "Subtenant user" can access assets within their subtenant

  • Subtenant-to-user assignments can be updated.

Known issues

  • Currently, "delete subtenant" is not supported.

Visual Analyzer

Fixed issues

  • Styling issues

  • Support of multiple rule limits  

Visual Explorer

What's new?

  • Visual Explorer is a browser-based solution that utilizes Tableau® to create customized, advanced data visualizations and dashboards from data sets.

  • Highlight features:

    • Easy access to your data stored in MindSphere

    • Powerful Tableau® engine to prepare and enrich your data for visualization

    • State-of-the-art editor to create visualizations

Fixed issues

  • Workbooks are now included in automatic backed-ups. 

Known issues

  • Subtenant Use Case is currently not supported. Subtenant Users are not able to use the offering.

  • Changes in the MindSphere data model for connected Assets might corrupt the data sources created in Visual Explorer Connector. Data sources for those Assets need to be created again.

  • The Visual Explorer Connector can only created new projects on the top hierarchy level. 

  • Customers from the preview phase have to recreate the data sources in Visual Explorer Connector. Previously created data sources are still available, but will not be updated any more or appear in Visual Explorer Connector.

  • Visual Explorer Connector does not work in Internet Explorer.