MindSphere Application Subscribers

Predictive Learning

What's new?

  • Job Manager gives users the ability to select a data set, model, and compute environment to "execute" and consume the results of the models via MindSphere. Users will also be able to see the status of the models being executed (running, completed, error, etc.) through a graphical user interface.

Product Intelligence 

What's new?

  • Online Help for Product Intelligence Predictive Learning has been accessible from internal context-sensitive links within the product for several releases. With this release, access to the Predictive Learning Help is available on the main Help menu page.

  • Online Help documentation includes additional information on how to join more than two datasets together in Data Prep.

Fixed issues

  • Analytics export column defaults not saving in the correct order after changing the column order in Export Settings.

  • Link to open analytics configuration from a dashboard tile was not opening the analysis.

  • Users' selection of additional filters to exclude were not saving correctly in Analytics.