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The following Release Notes are valid only for region China 1.

Asset Manager

What's new?

  • Support below Asset Types/ Aspect Types in UI

    • Asset Type of BasicAgent.IndustrialEdge/ BasicAgent.MindConnectFB1500/ BasicAgent.MindConnect X509/ BasicApplication.EdgeBasicApplication/ Basic Edge Data Asset.Edge Analytics Data Asset/ OPCUADataModel/ OPCUADataType/ OPCUAHierarchyDataType

    • Aspect Type of ConnectivityStatus/ core.edgeanalyticsapplicationstatus/ core.edgeanalyticsdatastatus/ FirmwareStatus/ core.opcuadatamodelaspect

Known issues

  • Currently it is possible to use a variable name equal to the aspect name which leads to errors for example in the Fleet Manager. The input of such a value will be prevented soon.

  • It's not possible to input name of city in Chinese when creating an asset in Asset Manager, only alphanumeric characters are accepted.

Currently not available in China 1

  • Asset Types in "What's new?" above can only be created via basic information without any plug-in and onboarding support in Asset Manager UI

  • Static aspect configuration

  • Fleet Manager navigation

  • Time-Series Status

  • New Validation of same name for variable and aspect

  • Plugin-Header Styling adaptions - The possibility to move back to Asset Manager is located to the right in the plugin header and renamed to "Close".

  • Image Browser

Fleet Manager

Currently not available in China 1

  • Fleet Manager plugin support

  • Fleet Manager plugin SDK

  • Asset Manager navigation


Known Issues

  • If a user has only app roles but no standard role, the user will see no apps on the Launchpad and gets an information about missing roles


What's new?

  • New assignment component for user assignment for subtenants

  • User Groups:

1. Assign roles to a group of user(s):

– Create a user group

– Assign multiple users to a user group

– Add roles to the user group

2. User groups management:

– Update a user group

– Delete a user group

– Assign roles and users to user groups (in any direction)

Subtenant Functionality

Known issues

  • Applications can use the subtenant functionality via the provided APIs. Tenant administrators should pay attention when assigning such apps to subtenant users as subtenant isolation cannot be ensured by the platform. The app might expose data to the user that is not intended to be seen.

  • When moving an asset from a parent tenant to a subtenant, there might be a delay of up to 30 minutes until a subtenant user will be able to see data related to that asset.

  • Please be aware, if you provide a user (even subtenant user) the role "mdsp:core:TenantAdmin", this user is then able to get access to all kinds of tenant data.

Visual Explorer

Known issues

  • Any request within Visual Explorer is limited to an execution time of 60s

  • The "share via link" functionality works unreliable

  • Some statements in calculated fields may be rejected in MindGate (formulas containing "ELSE" and "CASE")

Usage Transparency Service

What's new?

  • Two data points (columns) under the resource tab "Assets":

   – Asset ID Unique identification ID of the asset.

   – Asset Name Unique name of the asset. This column value is empty if "Asset Name" is not mentioned for an associated "Asset ID" in the Entity Master Data Service (EMDS).

  • Customer Dashboard enables the Customer to gather a visual overview about the offerings and upgrades purchased. It also provides transparency on used resources and exceeded limits.

  • Customer Dashboard metrics:

1. Asset Types

2. Asset Instance

3. File Storage

4. Subtenants

5. Rules Quota

6. Users

Known issues

  • Time used for usage information storage and displayed on UTS UI is only using UTC time zone, not depending on the time zone of the region.

  • All usages generated within a Cloud Foundry Environment cannot be collected by Usage Transparency Services. All usages from and to a Cloud Foundry Environment e.g. requests to APIs still will be collected.

  • Usage Transparency Service reports are only available after a 1-hour delay for developers.

Data Ingest Rate

What's new?

  • The IoT Value Plan S and M customers can now upgrade the data ingest rate of IoT timeseries data up to 100KB/s.

Currently not available in China 1:

  • Upgrade the data ingest rate beyond 100KB/s is now not possible.