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The following Release Notes are valid only for region China 1.

Asset Management API

Known issues

  • Currently it is possible to use a variable name equal to the aspect name which leads to errors for example in Fleet Manager.

Developer Cockpit

What's new?

  • Define and manage your custom app roles in the Developer Cockpit. We have removed the limit of the "user" and "admin" base roles and made them freely configurable. You can create and delete custom app roles in the enhanced App Roles screen.

  • Improve the consistency in error messages across Developer and Operator Cockpits.

Known issues

  • Operate the customized role definition applications now is not possible.

Java SDK

What's new?

  • Java SDK Core (version 2.2.1 ) now available in Simplified Chinese in region China 1.

  • Java SDK to support Token Manager service API now available in Simplified Chinese in region China 1.

  • Request model support for all Service SDK API

    • Agent Management 3.2.2

    • Asset Management 3.9.2

    • Event analytics 3.1.2

    • Event Management 3.8.2

    • IoT File Services 3.2.1

    • Timeseries 3.2.2

    • TS Aggregates 3.1.2

    • Token Manager 3.0.2

Node.js SDK

What's new?

  • MindSphere SDK for Node.js version 1.0.0 enables customers to quickly interact with

    • Asset Management 3.9

    • Timeseries 3.2

    • TS Aggregates 3.1

    • IoT File Services 3.2

    • Event Analytics 3.1