MindSphere Application Subscribers

Predictive Learning

What's new?

  • Data Lake support for Job Manager.

  • UI suppport for Data Lake sources used by the Job Manager service.

  • Increased Zeppelin upload limit from 1 MB to 1 GB.

  • Increased maximum file transfer size using the internal service from 20 MB to 150 MB.

Fixed issues

  • Security updates of third party libraries.

Product Intelligence

What's new?

  • Number of records to export to Excel in Analytics Search increased to 5,000.

  • Pagination added to navigation in Analytics Search Results grid.

Fixed issues

  • In the Share tab when users Save a Search or Analytics Configuration, the "Custom" radio button was selected as the default value instead of "Nobody".

  • When the Retain Search toggle was set to "Off", it caused Data Quality (DQ) to use the settings from the last saved Search instead of the settings from DQ.