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Asset Manager

Known issues

  •  Assets which have been defined and subsequently deleted may still exist on some tenant logins.

Currently not available in Europe 2:

  • Extended navigation possibilities inside the Asset Manager (e.g. from type to used aspect).

Data Exploration built on Tableau®

Known issues

  • Timestamps are imported to the Tableau Desktop in a precision level of full seconds only.

Fleet Manager

Currently not available in Europe 2:

  • Tablet support

  • Updated event/aspect view

  • Fleet Manager Rules: Quota information embedded within application

Identity and Access Management

Known issues

  • After modifying the authorization of a User via Identity Management Service, the change is not immediately visible. The User must then close the browser and login again.

  • In the current version the logout with Internet Explorer 11 might not work. In this case please close the browser directly.

MindConnect IoT Integration

Currently not available in Europe 2:

  • Single Sign On for Mind Connect Integration.


Currently not available in Europe 2:

  • Company logo upload and inserting of company name.

Subtenant Functionality

Known issues

  • The subtenant use case is not yet supported by Data Flow Engine.

  • Applications can use the subtenant functionality via the provided APIs. Tenant administrators should pay attention when assigning such apps to subtenant users as subtenant isolation cannot be ensured by the platform. The app might expose data to the user that is not intended to be seen.

  • When moving an asset from a parent tenant to a subtenant, there might be a delay of up to 30 minutes until a subtenant user will be able to see data related to that asset.

  • Please be aware, if you provide a user (even subtenant user) the role "mdsp:core:TenantAdmin", this user is then able to get access to all kind of tenant data.

Tenant Management

Currently not available in Europe 2:

  • Permit the Tenant Admin to know about subtenant creation.

Usage Transparency Service

Known issues

  • Usage Transparency Service reports are only made available after a 1-hour delay for developers.

Visual Analyzer

Known issues

  • For assigning Visual Analyzer roles to a user the "roles"-tab in UserManagement / Settings must be used. Assigning roles via the "user"-tab is currently not supported for "va.*"-roles.

Visual Flow Creator

Known issues

  • The "walk type" in the generate node does not work as expected.

  • The authentication in the http-request node does not work.