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Asset Manager

What's new?

  • Real physical deletion of assets is now supported (asset disappears from list)

  • Information about blocking issues for a deletion are shown (e.q. connected agent is still onboarded)

  • Filter and sorting for logical deleted assets is no longer available

  • If the search term for assets, types, or aspects does not match selected items, an info overlay is shown.

Data Exploration built on Tableau®

Known issues

  • The offering is optimized for up to 10 asset data exports.

  • The aggregation methods mintime, maxtime, firsttime, lasttime cannot be used

Identity and Access Management

Known issues

  • Inviting a user via User Management UI or Identity Management service sporadically fails and will sometimes return an internal error. Please try again to invite the user.

  • After modifying the authorization of a User via Identity Management Service, the change is not immediately visible. The User must then close the browser and login again.

  • When you logged in via CES authentication in some cases it might happen that the logout fails. In this case please close the browser without logging out

Additional information about Identity Management

  • Tenant administrators can activate or deactivate Multifactor Authentifications (MFA)

  • Siemens customers can use Corporate Entitlement Service.

In both case please write a mail to with the following content:  

  • Subject: Activation of MFA for tenants

    Dear MindSphere Provisioning Team

    Please set the authentication method for the tenant given below to the authentication method given below.

    Available authentication methods:

    Username/password via WebKey (default)

    Multi-factor authentication (MFA) via WebKey

    Multi-factor authentication (MFA) via WebKey via Corporate Entitlement Service (only for Siemens BUs)

Tenant name: <your tenant name here>

Authentication method: <option: 1, 2, or 3>

OS Bar

What's new?

A link to the MindSphere store is displayed.

User Management

Known issues

  • Edit mode for role and user assignment (no modal dialog anymore) has been added. 

  • Role descriptions are shown in the edit view. 

  • If the search term for users or roles does not match selected items, an info overlay is shown.

Visual Flow Creator

Known issues

  • The number of worksheets is limited to 10 per User

  • The number of nodes for one sheet is limited to 100

  • The amount of data stored in the context of function node is limited to 128 KB and only one context variable is allowed

  • Limit of the request frequency is 6 requests per minute for one node

  • The calculation duration of function node must be less than 10 seconds

  • Only 2000 values could be processed per time series request

  • General: The execution time of all nodes for one Account could be limited depending on the Application and Platform load

  • All created workflows are visible for all Users of your Account