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The following Release Notes are valid only for region Europe 2.

Asset Manager

What's new?

  • Configure an asset to support simulation data.

  • Selection of the time zone when creating an asset.

  • Browse the available aspects when creating new asset types.

Known issues

  • Assets which have been defined and subsequently deleted may still exist on some tenant logins.

  • Currently it is possible to use a variable name equal to the aspect name which leads to errors for example in the Fleet Manager. The input of such a value will be prevented soon.

  • Mapping simulation assets to an agent asset is not prevented but will result in an error message.

Currently not available in Europe 2:

  • When choosing an asset for creation of data mappings there is an information displayed whether the asset (e.g. the aspect variables) are compatible for mapping. Also a filter option for showing only compatible assets is available.

Data Exploration built on Tableau®

Fixed issues

  • Timestamps are now imported on millisecond precision level.

Known issues

  • If you receive NULL values for timestamps on a Windows PC, please change your language for non-Unicode programs to English (United States). You'll find the settings in Control Panel → Region and Language → Administrative.

Fleet Manager

What's new?

Support for the new MindSphere OS Bar.

Known Issues

  • Variables of type BIG_STRING are not shown in data table.

Currently not available in Europe 2:

  • Fleet Manager plugin support.

  • Fleet Manager plugin SDK.

  • Asset Manager navigation.

Fleet Manager Rules

Currently not available in Europe 2:

  • Integration of In-Platform Purchase (IPP).

Identity and Access Management

Known Issues

  • After modifying the authorization of a User via Identity Management Service, the change is not immediately visible. The user must then close the browser and login again.

  • In the current version the logout with Internet Explorer 11 might not work. In this case please close the browser directly.

MindConnect Edge Analytics

What's new?

  • MindConnect Edge Analytics is released on the MindConnect Nano.

  • MindConnect Edge Analytics contains out these two packages:

    • MS13EA3201 MindConnect Edge Analytics Engineer - MindSphere App to engineer the Engine

    • MS13EA3202 MindConnect Edge Analytics Engine - Runtime on MindConnect Nano system

Hardware limitation

  • It's right now restricted to one connected SM1281 as data provider.

  • The usage of datapoints within the MindConnect Nano system is limited because of the share of hardware resources.

Known Issues

  • If remote operations in MindConnect Edge Analytics application reacts very slow: Please delete the MindConnect asset and create a new agent.

Mind Connect IOT Extension

What's new?

  • "History Data" Upload enhancements.

Known Issues

  • Launchpad button is not working in MindConnect IoT Extension. It is not possible to return to the Launchpad via the OS bar.

Mind Connect IOT Integration

Currently not available in Europe 2:

  • Single Sign On for MindConnect Integration


Known Issues

  • After creating provider information, only users with the mdsp:core:TenantAdministrator role are allowed to make use of the support form in Launchpad. Links to your own user support can be provided through the provider information settings. This is equal to other content such as corporate information.

Currently not available in Europe 2:

  • Live preview of company name in MindSphere OS Bar.

Subtenant Functionality

Known Issues

  • The subtenant use case is not yet supported by Data Flow Engine.

  • Applications can use the subtenant functionality via the provided APIs. Tenant administrators should pay attention when assigning such apps to subtenant users, as subtenant isolation cannot be ensured by the platform. The app may also expose data to the user that is not intended to be seen.

  • When moving an asset from a parent tenant to a subtenant, there may be a delay of up to 30 minutes until a subtenant user will be able to see data related to that asset.

  • Please be aware if you provide a user (even subtenant user) with the role "mdsp:core:TenantAdmin", this user is then able to get access to all types of tenant data.

Tenant Management

Currently not available in Europe 2:

  • Permit the Tenant Admin to know about subtenant creation.

Time Series Monitor

  • If the number of assets in the system which have rules set on them exceeds 60, the notifications may not come even if rules conditions are met. 

Usage Transparency Service

Known Issues

  • Usage Transparency app running on MindSphere  is loading sporadically "Asset tab" slower than expected.

Visual Analyzer

What's new?

  • Support for the new MindSphere OS Bar.

Known Issues

  • When assigning Visual Analyzer roles to a user the "roles"-tab in Settings have to be used. Assigning roles via "user"- tab is currently not supported for "va.*"-roles.

  • Variables of type BIG_STRING are also shown in data table.

Visual Explorer

What's new?

  • Edit and delete existing projects in Visual Explorer Connector.

Known issues

  • Visual Explorer Connector cannot create data source with assets that have values from the data type Big String.

Visual Flow Creator

Fixed Issues

  • The "walk type" in the generate node does not work as expected.

  • The authentication in the http-request node does not work.

Known Issues

  • Admin can´t create subscription for other user.

Currently not available in Europe 2:

  • Subscribe node - the user can be notified about new entries in time series.

  • Enable/Disable the visibility of other user's tabs.

  • The limits for context variables was increased.

  • Better debug messages for function nodes.

  • Support of subtenant enablement.