MindSphere Application Subscribers

Asset Performance Monitoring

Fixed issues

  • Inconsistent processing of rule with Boolean data and on change condition in definition.

  • Incorrect processing of rule for variables without millisecond digits in time series data.

  • Improper fetching of time series data leading to incorrect processing of rules.

Predictive Learning

What's new?

  • Persist Python libraries across restart (on Predictive Learning Essentials).

  • UTS reporting includes sub-tenant information for Predictive Learning Storage.

  • Faster quota usage reporting for Predictive Learning Storage.

  • Pre-filled-in sources information in Predictive Learning UI if possible.

  • Python 3 kernel for Predictive Learning Essentials in Jupyter.

  • Python 3 and R kernel for Predictive Learning S, M and L in Jupyter.

  • Data Lake access from the Workbench.

  • Security Updates and Spring 2 updates.

  • Error messages now display the REST service back-end messages.