MindAccess Operator Plan Subscribers


The following Release Notes are valid only for region China 1.

Operator Cockpit

What's new?

  • MindSphere is now available in simplified Chinese in region China 1 hosted by infrastructure provider Alibaba Cloud in data center Shanghai, China.

Known Issues

  • Operator Cockpit only supports Cloud Foundry applications with user interfaces.

  • For every individual (single) application, one Cloud Foundry space must be deployed.

  • After modifying the authorization of a user via the Operator Cockpit user interface, the change is not immediately visible. The user has to close the browser and login again.

  • After deployment of an app, there is a security feature in place validating if the app is known to MindSphere or the app has somehow been modified. Sometimes issues occur with regards to name changes or deploying from various folders. The apps need to be deployed as they are assigned from the developer.

  • It is possible that in some case, the IoT Value plan user will fail to login to MindSphere after a new application has been provisioned to the user. Re-launch the browser or clean the browser cache can solve the login issue.

Currently not available in China 1:

  • Offer application to MindSphere store.

  • Zero-downtime version upgrade.

  • Undeploy of Cloud Foundry apps.

  • New application type "Fleet Manager Plugin" support.

  • Notification to operators in case that app status changes to ‚Äúremediation required.