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Asset Management API

Fixed issues

  • HierarchyPath field did not appear in yaml file

  • File assignment inheritance was not shown properly when updating child asset

  • Fixed inconsistency: aspect.name vs assettype.aspect.name

  • Wrong error message after attempt to move a subtenant under another subtenant

  • Asset type picture was not shown when logged in in as subtenant user

  • Wrong status returned when calling endpoints that are not allowed for subtenant user

Known issues

  • On some tenant logically deleted assets may still exist. They are not interfering with productive use and will be removed soon.

Data Flow Engine

What's new?

  • EmailSink: Sink allows customer to send E-Mails based on the results of the configured streams

  • Message Sampler: The MessageSampler application suppressed the messages for the preset time by using the system time. The new version of the MessageSampler can use the timestamp of the incoming message as well. 

Known issues

  • Sporadically streams cannot be deleted. Please try again if it was unsuccessful.

  • If an entity is derived from type core.basicdevice only one stream can be deployed.

Notification Service

Fixed issues

  • New feature to block tenant capability to send e-mails when violation of bounce rate is not controlled. Warning e-mail will be issued first and when violation continues, informational e-mail regarding disablement of e-mail capability of the tenant will be sent to the tenant admins. Tenant admin/customer can resolve the disablement of the tenant with the help of support.

Developer Cockpit

What's new?

  • General usability enhancements, e.g. improved error messages.

  • Increases the Display Name length up to 50 characters.

  • Increases the maximum length for the Content Security Header to 1000 characters.

  • Support for PATCH methods in API definitions.

  • Added verification for provided Cloud Foundry manifest files before uploading them to the application repository.

  • Support for underscore "_" in Cloud Foundry Direct URLs.

  • Renamed configuration key "cspHeader" to "content-security-policy".

  • Support for self-hosted applications that allow to register external URLs as application components (requires Outbound Traffic Upgrade)

  • Support for a more flexible versioning of application versions (e.g. alphanumeric characters)

Known issues

  • Layout issues in Internet Explorer 11 in combination with high resolution displays and 125% font scaling.

  • Applications cannot be deleted after being transferred to the production system.

  • Redirect to Launchpad after session expiry fails in rare cases when Developer and/or DeveloperAdmin role has been removed.

  • The application upload size is limited to 100 MB.

Java SDK Library

What's new?

  • Update of the Asset Management Client to support API version 3.4

  • Update of the Event Management Client to support API version 3.4

  • Support for custom headers in the client configuration.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed a bug with the Asset management filter functionality.

  • Fixed a documentation bug with Asset Management – Create asset types.

Event Management

What's new?

  • "Broken History" cleanup - If the latest event in a history of an event is deleted then all of the history is deleted.

Fixed issues

  • Custom event cannot be created if event type has 'eventState' field - eventState predefined property is now validated correctly.

  • Service should not let parallel delete jobs run using the same typeID - event type ID in use is locked during event deletion.

MindSphere OS Bar

Known issues