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The following Release Notes are valid only for region China 1.

Asset Management Service

What's new?

  • Origin links for aspects: If an aspect is derived from another aspect, the origin aspect is flagged to identify the origin of inherited aspects.

  • Origin links for variables on assets: If variables on an asset type are inherited from another type, the variable is flagged.

  • Assigned property: Images that are assigned to an asset type, have a flag showing that they are assigned. Since assigned images can not be deleted, this flag ensures more transparency.

  • The length of a static string variable can now be extended up to the max. length of 255 characters if the former length was lower

Currently not available in China 1:

  • Customers can share selected single assets with another tenant of their choosing

IoT and Storage Services: File Service

Known issues

  • For security reasons a strict timeout is enforced. Currently, this leads to the situation that the size of a file which can be uploaded/ downloaded depends on the network bandwidth at client side.

  • When uploading files to the File Service, a file name must not contain blank spaces. Blank spaces in the file name will prevent the file form being stored.

  • After deleting an asset, associated files might still be accessible for up to 30 minutes as this data is deleted asynchronously.

IoT and Storage Services: Time Series Service

Known issues:

  • The maximum payload size of a message sent to Time Series service as part of a PUT request cannot exceed 1 MB.

  • The service will never return more than 2000 records in a response

  • After deleting an asset, respective Time Series data might still be accessible for up to 30 minutes as this data is deleted asynchrounously.

  • When creating or updating an aspect it might take up to 30 minutes until aggregated data can be read for this aspect. Writing data or reading raw data is possible immediately.

Currently not available in China 1:

  • Time Series Bulk import API

  • Time Series API returns latest record, we have extended it to return the latest value which are not frequently sent to MindSphere up to 1 month.

  • Standard Deviation is included in Time Series Aggregates for performance assets.

  • Time Series PUT API supports data ingestion for Multiple assets and aspects in a single request.

Validation Process

What's new?

  • Enhance the validation service to shorten the app validation process.

  • Support app status of Remediation Required and Deprecated.

  • Improve the validation process for application content validation. The content validation scopes including:

    • Functionality Scope

    • Text Check

    • Image Check

    • Audio Check

    • Video Check

    • URL Check