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Identity and Access Management

Fixed issues

  • Problems when logging in without deleting cache of your browser.

Known issues

  • Inviting a user via User Management UI or Identity Management service sporadically fails and will sometimes return an internal error. Please try again to invite the user.

  • After modifying the authorization of a User via Identity Management Service, the change is not immediately visible. The User must then close the browser and login again.

  • When you logged in via CES authentifcation in some cases it might happen that the logout fails. In this case please close the browser without logging out.

Additional information about Identity Management

  • Tenant administrators can activate or deactivate Multifactor Authentifications (MFA)

  • Siemens customers can use Corporate Entitlement Service.

In both case please write a mail to provisioning@mindsphere.io with the following content:  

  • Subject: Activation of MFA for tenants

    Dear MindSphere Provisioning Team

    Please set the authentication method for the tenant given below to the authentication method given below.

    Available authentication methods:

    Username/password via WebKey (default)

    Multi-factor authentication (MFA) via WebKey

    Multi-factor authentication (MFA) via WebKey via Corporate Entitlement Service (only for Siemens BUs)

Tenant name: <your tenant name here>

Authentication method: <option: 1, 2, or 3>

IoT and Storage Services: File Service

Known issues

  • For security reasons a strict timeout is enforced. Currently this leads to the situation that the size of a file which can be uploaded/ downloaded depends on the network bandwidth at client side.

  • When uploading files to the File Service, a file name must not contain blank spaces. Blank spaces in the file name will prevent the file form being stored.

IoT and Storage Services: Time Series Service

Known issues

  • A limit on retrieving raw time series data is currently not enforced. We recommend paying attention to the amount of data requested; this might lead to increased response times.

  • When sending time series data to a non-existing entity, the service returns a 500 error code instead of a 404 error code.

  • The maximum payload size of a message sent to time series service as part of a PUT request cannot exceed 1 MB.

  • The service will never return more than 2000 records in a response

  • When creating or updating Aspects on an Asset, it might take some time (up to 30 minutes) until this Aspect or respective changes are available on the Time Series Service. The service returns a 404 (Not Found) as long as the changes are not completely propagated.

Context Delivery Service API

Known issues

The API of Context Delivery Service is temporary not available.

Tenant Management

Known issues

It is temporary not possible to create sub-tenants.

Usage Transparency Service

Known issues

Amount of users is currently refreshed only every 4 hours.

Cloud Foundry

What's new?:

Updated internal Cloud Foundry components