25th June 2021 (Europe 1)


We have worked hard to deliver a great MindSphere experience, but we are still tracking some known issues. If you find others, please give us your feedback by contacting our MindSphere Support.

We recommend that you read the following release notes carefully. These notes contain important information for installation and use.

These release notes are relevant for MindSphere region Europe 1 Release in June 2021 with version "V1801.CW.EU1.N0625".

Closed Loop Digital Twin

Applicable for:

  • MindAccess IoT Value Plan

What's new?

  • From this release, the Closed Loop Applications have been migrated to run in Containers on AWS Elastc Kubernetes Service (EKS).

  • Within this release, the Closed Loop applications have been transitioned to MindSphere core apps, which were earlier deployed on Cloud Foundry as 3rd party apps.

  • It is now possible to create Digital Twin Templates and Instances using Assets shared from other tenants. This will help different customers and suppliers who share assets across tenants.

  • In Discrete Events Simulation application, it is now possible to visualize the transformed data using Recipes.

  • It is now possible to create Simulation packages without having to create Runs. IoT data can now be downloaded by engineers to work on calibrating the simulation model.

  • Using System Simulation, it is now possible to create Digital Twin Templates for model parameters that are of type Enumeration, Boolean and String (file).

    It is also possible for the users to upload an external file for Simulations or select different enumeration values.

  • In Discrete Events Simulation, users are now able to set asset specific thresholds. In addition to data transformation using recipes, it is now possible to also apply additional scaling factor as required for each of the assets. Users can now generate packages useful to perform what-if analysis.