IoT Value Plan Subscribers, MindAccess Developer Plan Subscribers and MindAccess Operator Plan Subscribers

Asset Manager

Known issues

  • If a VFC workflow for an asset in a subtenant exists, it is not shown in the respective tile in the Asset Manager for a tenant admin.

  • Fleet Manager navigation is not working correctly if you have to re-login, as query parameters are lost. This problem will be addressed soon. Please try again by clicking the Fleet Manager navigation button.

  • If you are using app specific roles you need to assign plugin roles as well. This is up to now only possible for MindConnect LIB plugin, MindConnect Nano and MindConnect IoT2040.

  • The Connectivity Management view currently only shows assets derived by BasicAgent, MindConnect Nano, MindConnect IoT2040, MindConnect Library or Industrial Edge or a derived type of the mentioned ones.

CMS X-Tools V5.0.0.6

Known issues

  • General: X-Tools is capable of uploading huge amounts of data, but you need to keep in mind the limits and purchased size of your MindSphere plan at all times.

  • If the asset path in a Storage Profile contains more than one asset, it might lead to creation of duplicate assets. It can be fixed by deleting those duplicated assets, changing, saving and restarting the Storage Profile.

  • See locally installed release notes.


Known issues

  • Only single asset sharing is available in the first release.

  • Sharing of assets derived from basicAgent and their corresponding plugins is not yet supported.

  • Tenant assets can not be moved under collaborators root asset or shared assets.

  • The successful implementation of a new sharing is normally completed within 2 minutes. If the new sharing is not successful within this time, the internal retry mechanism starts automatically after 4 minutes to complete the sharing. This issue will be addressed soon to prevent delays in the implementation.

Data Exploration built on Tableau®

Known issues

  • If you receive NULL values for timestamps on a Windows PC, please change your language for non-Unicode programs to English (United States). You'll find the settings in Control Panel → Region and Language → Administrative.

Event Management

What's new?

  • Within this release, we have improved the service security and availability by making all Event Management service API requests subject to rate limits.

  • Event Management Service will switch towards more strict API request URL validations in upcoming releases. Please note that we are not changing any API behavior according to specifications. However, API request URLs will be validated based on stricter criteria specifically in the use of trailing slash characters in requests pointing to dedicated resources. Refer to example below:
    Well-formed URL :
    Malformed URL :

    We ask our developers to review their code and adapt requests accordingly. Once strict validations are in place, API calls with trailing slash characters in requests pointing to dedicated resources will fail and return 400 error code. Please also note the following release notes.

Identity and Access Management

Known issues

  • If you have problems logging off in Internet Explorer 11, please refer to Overcoming Logout Problems in IE11

  • App specific roles: 

    • Additional core app roles are coming soon.

    • Some apps are still accessible via their direct URL and allow the use of shared functionality if the user has been granted rights via the app-specific role of a different app.

Integrated Data Lake

Known issues

  • In Time Series Import user interface, the user can only view first level of child asset at the moment when importing the time series data.  The workaround for this approach is to use backend API to import data related to multiple child assets

  • It is observed that browser crashes randomly when trying to download files > 400MB.  It is advisable to use backend API for downloading objects > 400MB

  • When uploading the data using cross account access via native applications e.g. AWS CLI, the default permission is set to user of the account. The user has to provide the parameter (--acl bucket-owner-full-control) so the bucket owner (Integrated Data Lake) will get the necessary access to generate pre-signed URLs.

MindConnect Edge Analytics

What's new?

  • MindConnect Edge Analytics is now offered as an App for Industrial Edge and can be installed via Industrial Edge Management Hub. Once installed and onboarded, the Industrial Edge is recognized as Edge Device within the MindConnect Edge Analytics Application in MindSphere.

Known Issues

  • After successful onboarding and when the App is onboarded to another Asset, the data communication can have issues and the Edge Analytics Engine can appear unresponsive within the Control UI. In this case, please re-install the MindConnect Edge Analytics App on the Industrial Edge device and re-onboard to the target Asset.

  • When uploading Event Based Data Upload or Data Upload package to MindConnect Nano device and there are no enabled input signals within the Analysis Package configuration, the update ends in error state "Prepare Environment or Update/Start Configuration". Having critical error message in User Logs.

  • Note: A full configured monitoring of the Analyzing Packages Vibration Characteristic Values and Vibration Frequency Spectra with all channels of one SM1281 can exceed the CPU performance of the MindConnect Nano. Also in other scenarios dependent of tasks running in parallel on the MindConnect Nano, CPU load can get to high. The recommendation is to use only two fully configured Vibration Frequency Spectra Analyzing Packages in parallel.

  • Deactivating a data point within a MindConnect data source will not deactivate a connection check in Edge Analytics Engine. This can lead to an error if the target device is no longer available.

  • DataBus and Event Based Data Upload configuration can be created without data or deactivated data, which will lead to a critical error on project start.

  • In some sporadic cases of a configuration update via Edge Analytics Manager it is possible that the Mind Connect Nano gets stuck in "project stopping" - In this case, the MindConnect Nano should be rebooted.

  • If a migration of SM1281 configuration has been done with EAE Version 1.0.6 speed is shown with unit m/s - The configuration has to be recreated to fix this issue and show a correct unit in rpm.

  • On updating to the new Firmware version, the currently defined project will still run. Existing configurations can't be modified with the new Firmeware. Instead the complete project has to be re-created to use the new feature of Trigger Rules.

  • It is recommended to use at minimum Mozilla version 78.0.2 or Microsoft Edge version 83. To ensure the app will be loaded correct.

Fixed issues:

  • After successful onboarding and when the App is onboarded to another Asset, the data communication can have issues and the Edge Analytics Engine can appear unresponsive within the Control UI. In this case, please re-install the MindConnect Edge Analytics App on the Industrial Edge device and re-onboard to the target Asset.

MindConnect Library

What's new?

  • Within this release, we provide MindConnect Library Firmware Deployment API Support.

MindConnect Software Agent

What's new?

  • Within this release, we have improved the user interface of the Registration page for the MindConnect Software Agent UI Plugin.

  • Within this release, we have introduced UI plugin for MindConnect Edge Analytics for Industrial Edge.

Known issues

  • The InstallShield-Setup should be started only once at a time

  • Only numbers can be provided as input for VM-Parameters at setup. The RAM value needs to be adapted manually as it shows byte instead of Kbytes

  • Stop the VM in HyperV Manager before you uninstall it

  • During Re-onboarding, it is necessary to do the onboarding twice to ensure that the offboarding will be executed

  • During setup of the MindConnect Software agent you will be prompted for the memory usage. As the default is quite high (16GB), please adapt this to your needs. If you do an installation update, this will be not asked again, so you have to adapt it within the HyperV application.

Package Builder

What's new?

  • Within this release, we have improved responsiveness in accessing activation web page via mobile devices.

  • Within this release, we have improved the delivery notification in case of successful delivery of a package.

Subtenant Functionality

Known issues

  • Applications can use the subtenant functionality via the provided APIs. Tenant administrators should pay attention when assigning such apps to subtenant users as subtenant isolation cannot be ensured by the platform. The app might expose data to the user that is not intended to be seen.

  • When moving an asset from a parent tenant to a subtenant, there might be a delay of up to 30 minutes until a subtenant user will be able to see data related to that asset.

  • Please be aware, if you provide a user (even subtenant user) the role "mdsp:core:TenantAdmin", this user is then able to get access to all kinds of tenant data.


Known issues

  • Currently no personalized notifications for subscriptions (TenantAdmin) or subscription requests (StandardUser) are available.

  • Purchasing request notifications are send to all tenant admins.

  • Upgrade is providing a fast provisional access to the requested quota. It requires an approval by the commercial contact who will be informed separately.

  • Supported Language: English only.

  • Supported Currency: EUR only.

Usage Transparency

What's new?

  • With the new "Usage Transparency on Operator Apps", the app operators can share billing relevant app usage details with their app customers (IoT users / tenants) in multiple ways (CSV download, graphical reports). The app customers (IoT users / tenants) can view the app usage details accordingly on Usage Transparency App, in the new "Applications" tab.

Fixed issues

  • With this release, "Overview" tab and "Reports" tab on Usage Transparency App is reworked and performance of tabs when providing recent usage data significantly improved.

    Usage data with age up to three months will be provided via overview list and reports to be downloaded as CSV from day of deployment onwards. Older usage data will be added in incremental steps.

Visual Explorer

What's new?

  • Within this release Visual Explorer data sources can be created using the SDI service. Static SDI queries can be utilized to fetch data from SDI and create a valid data source for Visual Explorer.

Known issues

  • Any request within Visual Explorer is limited to an execution time of 60 sec.

  • The "share via link" functionality works unreliable.

  • Support time series data types “LONG” with values for safe integer ->(253-1) to (253-1).

  • If the value is e.g. 263 the value will be reset to safe integer ->253-1.

Visual Flow Creator

What's new?

  • It is now possible to attach files stored in an asset or custom payloads to emails. The subject allows rectangular brackets to be used.

  • Within this release, we have added a preview chart for KPI input values.

  • The specific nodes related to SDI and IDL sevices are hidden if not provisioned.

  • Within this release, an indicator for remaining compute hours has been added to indicate the limits.

Known issues

  • Subtenant users cannot use the time series subscription node.