MindAccess Developer Plan Subscribers and MindAccess Operator Plan Subscribers

Analytics Services

What's new?

  • Improved the following in Trend Prediction and KPI Calculation methods with regards to input parameters and empty data in the request body:

    • Trend Prediction endpoint "get/models" now has improved paging and size parameters when retrieving the trained models list

    • Trend Prediction now provides an improved Error message when time series are not being provided by the customer for training the model

    • KPI Calculation endpoint "calculateKPIstatesdirect" now has an improved error handling in case the TimeSeries data is empty for the given range

Cloud Foundry

What's new?

  • The usage of CF RAM due to running applications will now be shown in UTS on a daily basis.

  • Available and Updated buildpacks:


































Additional Info:

  • PostgreSQL11 Migration Assist is available. It is recommended to migrate your a9s PostgreSQL 9.4. The version 9.4 is deprecated an will be removed in the future.https://developer.mindsphere.io/paas/a9s-postgresql/using.html#migrate-the-service-instance-to-another-postgresql-version-into-new-postgresql-instance

  • A new Backing Service Dashboard API (https://developer.mindsphere.io/paas/paas-cloudfoundry-backingservices.html#backing-service-dashboard-api) will be provided effective end of January 2021.
    The current Backing Service Dashboard API will be switched off effective end of February 2021. 

  • LogMe Kibana dashboard URL has changed. Follow https://developer.mindsphere.io/paas/a9s-logme/using.html#see-your-applications-logs to find the new URL.

  • Reminder: Backing Service MongoDB will be removed from Cloud Foundry after 31.10.2020

  • The way of sharing MindSphere Cloud Foundry Backing Service instances with new created CF Orgs or CF Spaces will be changed effective end of January 2021.

    • Sharing via User-Provided-Service (as described here https://developer.mindsphere.io/paas/howtos/howtos-service-instances.html#create-a-user-provided-service) will not longer be possible.You can use "cf share-service" command instead (described here https://developer.mindsphere.io/paas/paas-cloudfoundry-backingservices.html#sharing-service-instances and here https://developer.mindsphere.io/paas/howtos/howtos-service-instances.html#enable-sharing-of-a-service-instance).

    • This change does not effect shares to existing CF Spaces.

Fixed Issues

  • Cloud Foundry PostgreSQL Backing Service randomly loses CREATEROLE privilege.

Identity and Access Management

Known issues

IoT and Storage Services: File Service

What's new?

  • With this release, we will enforce our contractual limits of IoT File Service on File Storage with one of the upcoming next releases. If you are about to exceed a respective limit, you will receive a descriptive response and no new files will be uploaded. If you have already exceeded your allowed quota on File Storage, these will not be influenced but will no longer be able to create upload new files. You can increase the amount of allowed quota on File Storage via our sales channels or directly via the Upgrade application.

Known issues

  • For security reasons a strict timeout is enforced. Currently, this leads to the situation that the size of a file which can be uploaded/ downloaded depends on the network bandwidth at client side.

  • When uploading files to the File Service, a file name cannot contain blank spaces. Blank spaces in the file name will prevent the file form being stored.

  • After deleting an asset, associated files might still be accessible for up to 30 minutes as this data is deleted asynchronously.

  • After deleting a file, it will take some time (up to 60 seconds) to create the file with the same name again.

  • After creating or deleting the file, it will take some time (up to 3 seconds) to get the file in "search file" API. 

IoT and Storage Services: Time Series Service

What's new?

  • In Start for Free, it is now possible to retain the ingested time series data of your own assets for 30 days, before they are deleted.

Known issues

  • The maximum payload size of a message sent to Time Series Service as part of a PUT request cannot exceed 1 MB.

  • The service will never return more than 2000 records in a response.

  • After deleting an asset, respective time series data might still be accessible for up to 30 minutes as this data is deleted asynchronously.

  • When getting the job status of a bulk import job, the response might not always contain detailed information on errors that occurred.

  • When creating or updating an aspect it might take up to 30 minutes until aggregated data can be read for this aspect. Writing data or reading raw data is possible immediately.

  • When ingesting time series data for multiple asset and aspects in single request, the combination of records should be unique.

  • Get Latest Value with query parameter "latestValue = true" will work with a delay up to 2 hours from the time of ingestion. Refer to developer documentation 'sample' section for more information.

  • While using Get Latest Value with query parameter  "latestValue = true", historic/late arriving data may take more than 1 day to reflect in the response.