MindAccess Developer Plan Subscribers


The following Release Notes are valid only for region China 1.

Asset Management API

Known issues

  • Currently it is possible to use a variable name equal to the aspect name which leads to errors for example in Fleet Manager.

Notification Service

Known issues

  • Currently only email text is checked, other contents like image, audio, video, URL are not in the validation scope.

Developer Cockpit

Known issues

  • Creation of application scopes sporadically fails in case of over 5000 scopes and roles in a tenant.

  • Applications cannot be deleted after being transferred to the production system.

  • Layout issues in Internet Explorer 11 in combination with high resolution displays and 125% font scaling.

Additional Information

We are going to remove the ability of assigning mdsp:core:developer and mdsp:core:developeradmin roles to subtenant users.

Web Components

Currently not available in China 1

  • You find an overview of new features of web components of higher version within the change logs in Developer Documentation.

  • In Simple Map and Asset Map

    • Zoom scope (3-20) on MindSphere on Alibaba other than (0-20) on MindSphere on AWS

    • Ctrl + Mouse scroll to make zoom-in/out