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Identity and Access Management

What's new?

Within this release, we introduce configurable session persistency.

From 1st of September onwards, all the tenants will be created with enabled session persistency. This means that there is no need to re-authenticate when accessing your tenant for up to 36 hours after closing and re-opening your browser. If you wish to change the session persistency behavior of your new tenant, e.g., due to increased security requirements or in settings, where multiple users share a browser, please reach out to our support team with the subject “Session Persistency Configuration Change”. We will then deactivate session persistency for your tenant. This means that you will have to authenticate every time you access your tenant, e.g., after closing and re-opening the browser.

In case you want to change session persistency of your existing tenant, please also reach out to our support. For more information, refer "Session Persistency"in "Settings" documentation.