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What's new?

MindSphere Start for Free is a new offering which allows you to:

  • Connect your first assets quickly and simply. You can create a digital representation of your mobile phone and/or Raspberry Pi using Asset Manager.

  • Monitor and analyze the status of connected devices using Fleet Manager and Visual Analyzer.

  • Process data and define KPIs creating drag and drop flows and dashboards using Visual Flow Creator.

  • Make your own applications and combine them with MindSphere Services:

    • You can develop an application for example, by using Mendix and its low-code capabilities and register it to your Start for Free Account on MindSphere using an auto-registration process.

    • You can integrate your self-hosted application using the Developer Cockpit, and you can enable the access to the available MindSphere APIs from your local environment.

You can find more details at or in the Product Sheet:

Sign up

Start for Free at and join our community and ecosystem of IoT innovators.

Use our new registration process for fast and easy access to MindSphere Start for Free. The entire process to get access to MindSphere only takes a few minutes. If you already have an account, you can use your existing WebKey ID to register, or create a new one.

Once registered, you can login by using your unique URL or the new centralized entry page which allows you to conveniently login to any of your available accounts.

For secure access, it is important that you save you unique URL, and all registration information in a safe place since this email will only appear once during the registration process.

Connectivity / Generate data

Use the Asset Manager to connect things to your Start for Free Account.

Ingest data from your mobile phone:

With our native mobile "MindSphere Mobile Connect app, you can use your mobile phone as an IoT asset and ingest data. The app collects and sends acceleration sensor data to MindSphere. In the Asset Manager your mobile phone is onboarded as an IoT asset, and you can directly see the ingested data visualized as IoT time series data.

Ingest data from your Raspberry Pi:

With our predefined image, you can connect your Raspberry Pi and:

  • Create data integrating sensors and send the data to MindSphere.

  • Use the IoT gateway, enabling shop floor-to-cloud communication and connecting field devices via OPC UA. 

Create value from your data

Use MindSphere apps to analyze data and gain insights:

  • Use Fleet Manager to monitor the status of connected devices.

  • Set up root cause analysis and data mashups using historical data with Visual Analyzer.

  • Process data and define KPIs using intuitive drag and drop analytic workflows with Visual Flow Creator. Explore data visually, combining multiple views to get richer insight by creating customized dashboards with Dashboard Viewer.

Develop your customized solution

Develop without coding:

Use Mendix to speed up app creation and experience the seamless integration of your Mendix hosted apps into MindSphere using an auto-registration process:

  • In Mendix you can use the IoT application examples that we provide in order to design and configure your own IoT app.

  • An auto registration process will integrate your app into MindSphere. It is then available on the Launchpad and ready-to-use with MindSphere Services and IoT data.

Develop in your own environment:

Integrate your self-hosted application using the Developer Cockpit, enabling the access to available MindSphere APIs from your local environment:

  • Using MindSphere APIs without registering a self-hosted application: Developer Cockpit allows you to generate access tokens to access available MindSphere APIs from your local environment. Access tokens consist of a client ID and client secret. With the client ID and the client secret you can trigger MindSphere APIs on your Account and use them in your locally-hosted applications or other services. The generation of the access tokens is provided by the Token Management API.

  • Using MindSphere APIs to register a self-hosted application: Developer Cockpit allows you to register a self-hosted application on your MindSphere Account. After registration, your self-hosted application will be accessible via the MindSphere Launchpad.

Authorized Limits

MindSphere Start for Free allows limited access to MindSphere and its Services. You can find the limits of the provided Services and authorization levels in the Product Sheet.

All data will be deleted 7 days after data ingest.

Known issues

  • MindSphere Start for Free is only compatible with a web browser and therefore cannot be launched from a mobile browser.

  • The creation of tenant takes approximately 2 minutes.

  • If the TourGuide is interrupted, check that your internet connection is stable. If this is not the problem, then re-launch the user journey from your Launchpad.

  • The data coming from the simulated pump asset will only be available the first 7 days after account creation.

  • While trying to launch an auto registered app which was created with the same name as that of a deleted app, a "Forbidden" error occurs.
    Workaround: The issue does not occur if you re-launch the browser after registration and then launch the app again.

  • For tenants with Enabled Session Persistency (see documentation), it is not recommended to use Google Chrome in incognito mode.