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Semantic Data Interconnect

What's new?

  • This release is an extension of previous release SDI CW 4.0.0. In this release, we enable the native SQL based business queries.

Fixed issues

  • JSON based queries created in V3 could be viewed in V4 & vice-versa. This is fixed now.

  • Datatypes of business properties in semantic models are validated with datatypes of mapped physical schemas. This reduces error during query execution.

Known issues

  • Data Management (DM) policies are case-sensitive and need to be provided in lowercase letters (replace and append). If input is provided in other values than lowercase letters, then DM policies does not work as expected.

  • Ontologies are created without classes and business class properties. There is no validation if mappings are provided without defining business class properties.

  • During query execution request, alias name provided to attribute 1 should not match other attribute 2 name in the query. The system does not validate this and may not provide appropriate results post query execution.