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Asset Management API

What's new?

  • You will now be able to remove aspect types from asset types where no references exist. This will increase the flexibility and data model beeing in sync with the actual need.

  • Within this release, we have defined and enabled new object quota and API limits for AM service when a conversion request of Start for free to the productive tenant is received from the provisioning service.

Known issues

  • Currently it is possible to use a variable name equal to the aspect name which leads to errors for example in Fleet Manager.

Developer Cockpit

Known issues

  • Currently, it is not possible to call MindSphere Core API's (e.g. Asset Management) from API Apps when using them as external dependencies from Standard Application hosted on different tenant.

  • Currently, not all roles and scopes are supported by Custom App Credentials. In this case, use the other provided options.

  • Application versions that contain a "#" character cannot be deployed in the Operator Cockpit. We advise customers not to use "#" in production version strings.

  • Applications cannot be deleted after being transferred to the production system.

  • Sporadically application roles are not deleted from the user management in Settings when deleting an application.

  • Layout issues in Internet Explorer 11 in combination with high resolution displays and 125 % font scaling.

Event Management

What's new?

  • Event Management Service will switch towards more strict API request URL validations in upcoming releases. Please note that we are not changing any API behavior according to specifications. However, API request URLs will be validated based on stricter criteria specifically in the use of trailing slash characters in requests pointing to dedicated resources. Refer to example below:
    Well-formed URL : https://gateway.eu1.mindsphere.io/api/eventmanagement/v3/events
    Malformed URL : https://gateway.eu1.mindsphere.io/api/eventmanagement/v3/events/

We ask our developers to review their code and adapt requests accordingly. Once strict validations are in place, API calls with trailing slash characters in requests pointing to dedicated resources will fail and return 400 error code. Please also note the following release notes.

Web Components

What's new?

Known issues

  • In Custom Map: Tooltip "More options" cannot be overwritten in locale.

Fixed issues

  • parameter "selectedAssetId" for asset-map

  • property "pageSize" for rule-view

  • empty state in aspect-variable-selector's drop down mode

  • isolated custom maps with custom contexts