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Closed Loop Foundation

What's new?

  • Within this release, you can monitor the health status of the connectors.

  • It is now possible to create mapping between one virtual model to multiple asset types in the Closed Loop Foundation application.

  • It is now possible to migrate to API type application for the Closed Loop Foundation application.

  • We redesigned the user experience of Enterprise Model Definition and Digital Twin Template object creation.

Closed Loop Product Definition

What's new?

  • We have improved the Event summary screen so that the Acknowledged and the New Events are visible in separate tabs.

Fixed issues

  • Unable to get Events correctly. Sometimes GET /events API returns error response. Retrying several times returns the correct response.

Closed Loop Discrete Events Simulation

What's new?

  • We have enhanced the Enterprise model definition file to contain instance IDs of plant simulation models.

  • We have simplified the Digital Twin Template creation process by auto populating plant simulation models.

  • It is possible to represent plant data in the form of Digital Twin Template rather than building a complex asset hierarchy.

Known issues

  • Virtual Entity Name and Virtual Entity ID should be provided.

Closed Loop System Simulation

Fixed issues

  • Fixed time out issue with System Simulation connectors.

Known issues

  • CF Token Expiration - Scenario.

  • Submodel name changes for Amesim versions prior to 2019.