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Semantic Data Interconnect

What's new?

  • You will be able to retrieve query results dynamically for a range of input criteria. This can be done using:

    • Ability to create Native SQL queries. This allows you to use wide range of SQL aggregate functions that can be used for variety of analytics

    • Define dynamic queries with parameterized input criteria. This enables you to create different dynamic executions on a query based on different filter parameters.

    • Execute dynamic queries for a range of parameter values.

    • Utilize alias names in queries.

    • Retrieve execution status of dynamic queries.

    All the above functionalities will be released only for physical-schema based queries category.

  • Ingest data and extract schema from files in Parquet format.

    Further to enhance ability to consume data from different sources; SDI can now consume data from CSV, JSON, XML & Parquet file formats.

  • Provide ability to get latest query results with Last Modified Date.

    With this additional metadata, you have now the ability to use SQL query operations and get the latest data that is ingested from a data source when duplicate data is ingested over period.

Fixed issues

  • Data ingested containing mixed or upper case will be handled and will be converted to small letter case. This will keep query validation consistent.

  • General bug fixes to handle system down scenario in semantic model create/update flow.

Known issues

  • JSON based queries created in V3 can be viewed in V4 & vice-versa. Thus, these bugs will not be properly seen.

  • Datatypes of business properties in semantic models are not validated with datatypes of mapped physical schemas. This may create inconsistency during query execution.