6th December 2021 (Europe 1)


We have worked hard to deliver a great MindSphere experience, but we are still tracking some known issues. If you find others, please give us your feedback by contacting our MindSphere Support.

We recommend that you read the following release notes carefully. These notes contain important information for installation and use.

This Release Notes is relevant for MindSphere region Europe 1, Release in December 2021.

Asset Health and Service Hub

Applicable for:

  • MindAccess IoT Value Plan Subscribers

What's new?

With this release, MindSphere Asset Health and Service Hub App provides the following capabilities:

  • Enhanced fleet and service case monitoring and analysis

  • Creation of asset health and service history reports

  • Integrated Remote Assistance for comprehensive personal guidance

  • Fast creation and tracking of emergency tickets by service receivers

  • Enhanced collaboration between service team and with service receivers

  • Frequency markers for easier spectrum analysis

Known issues:

  • Whenever the remote service connection gets interrupted due to internet/connection problems, the disturbance does not get protocolled in the ticket.