MindAccess Developer Plan Subscribers

Asset Management API

Known issues

  • Currently it is possible to use a variable name equal to the aspect name which leads to errors for example in Fleet Manager.

Data Flow Engine

Known issues

  • Sporadically streams cannot be deleted. Please try again if it was unsuccessful.

  • If an entity is derived from type core.basicdevice, only one stream can be deployed.

Developer Cockpit

What's new?

  • New App type "API": With the new app type "API" you can now separate between front- and backend of your application. In the Developer Cockpit you create, register and manage versions and dependencies of the API.

  • A new functionality in the "Promoted apps" tab is now available. You can archive promoted apps to tighten up your list of apps you have handed over to operators.

Known issues

  • Application versions that contain a "#" character cannot be deployed in the Operator Cockpit. We advise customers not to use "#" in production version strings.

  • Applications cannot be deleted after being transferred to the production system.

  • The application upload size is limited to 100MB.

  • Sporadically application roles are not deleted from the user management in Settings when deleting an application.

  • Layout issues in Internet Explorer 11 in combination with high resolution displays and 125% font scaling.

Additional Information

  • We are going to remove the ability of assigning mdsp:core:developer and mdsp:core:developeradmin roles to subtenant users.

MindSphere Design System

What's new?

Web Components

What's new?

  • Improved tooltip displays all variables from selected timestamp even if there is no data.

Fixed issues:

  • Fixed erroneous resizing of map component.

  • Fixed missing event in area map when using back button.

  • Fixed wrong January calendar view.