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Semantic Data Interconnect

What's new?

  • Within this release we introduce the configuration into semantic mappings for customized data contextualization:

    • It is now possible to configure key mapping type of semantic models (default and custom)

    • Define custom mappings for semantic models as applicable for inter-relationships of underlying data sets. This will help you to target wide range of data contextualization use-cases. The current release supports custom key mapping type as Intersection (INNER JOIN) and Union (Left Outer Join) type.

    • Define custom key mappings at every class hierarchy level. This setting will override the configuration provided at parent (namespace) level.

    • Users can also define which is the leading source of data (primary schema).

    • Semantic query results will be based on underlying data from disparate sources. It will be represented based on primary schema, relationships and it is underlying key mappings.

  • All obsolete query executions will be deleted after 3 months of status change.

  • You can delete unwanted query execution jobs. This will help you to keep valid running query executions.

Fixed issues

  • All time-series data imported into Integrated Data Lake is stored with folder structure appended with TSI. SDI was not enabled to get ingestion notification from this folder objects.  Thus, schema is not generated for time series data and it is fixed now.

  • IoT data registries will not appear in retrieve APIs of enterprise registries. IoT data registries can be retrieved from separate API for IoT registries. Furthermore, IoT registries cannot be updated as today aspects and variables cannot be changed today.

  • Other security and performance improvements

Known issues

  • The only possible value in custom key mapping type value is Union (Full Outer Join). If you wants to use Intersection (INNER JOIN) key mapping type, then you can simply ignore value input as INNER JOIN is default key mapping type. If you provide INNER JOIN as value, then it will provide HTTP code 403 error.