Sell applications on the Siemens Store for MindSphere

The Seller Guide enables MindAccess Operator Plan subscribers to market and sell applications as a service on the MindSphere Store to MindAccess IoT Value Plan subscribers.

The Seller Guide will guide you through all the steps and criteria that are necessary to prepare your application for the publication. The Operator Cockpit transfers your listing data to the MindSphere Store. The MindSphere Store allows you to publish your application and sell it to your target group.

  • Publishing process: Become familiar with the Operator Cockpit that supports your application deployment and publishing process.

  • Pricing: You have the freedom to set pricing specifications and policies for your application with just a few guidelines from Siemens.

  • Application Publishing Guidelines: These guidelines help you customize your applications listing data and deliver a professional touch.

  • Simple management: Easily update your application publication to new versions or modify details of your publication through the Operator Cockpit.

Details for each point are described in the following chapters.