During the publishing process, you will be required to add keywords for the "Industry" and "Use Cases" filter categories. We recommend you visit the MindSphere Store app section to first see how and which filters are currently displayed on the site. You can then select the keywords for the filters you wish to use within the Operator Cockpit (more options may be available than what is displayed on the site). You have the option to select multiple keywords.

There are a few things to be aware of for each of these filter categories:

  • Industry (may also be referred to as "Market")

    The "Industry" keywords are pre-determined; you cannot create your own. You may select one or more keywords. The keywords you can choose from are:

    • Aerospace

    • Automotive Manufacturing

    • Battery Manufacturing

    • Cement

    • Chemical Industry

    • Cranes

    • Data Centers

    • Distributors

    • Fiber Industry

    • Food & Beverage

    • Glass

    • Machinery & Plant Construction

    • Marine

    • Mining

    • Municipalities & DSOs

    • Oil & Gas

    • Panel Building

    • Pharmaceutical Industry

    • Power Utilities

    • Tire Industry

    • Transportation & Logistics

    • Water Industry

    • Wind

There is also a threshold that must be met in order for the filter to appear on the site. This threshold is a minimum of 3 applications. If the threshold is not met, the application will fall into the "Others" Industry category.

Once the threshold is met, the publishing team will automatically update your application under the filter you selected and display the filter on the MindSphere Store.

  • Use Case

    There are only 5 pre-set keywords for the "Use Case" filter; you have the ability to enter your own Use Case keywords in the available free text field. Therefore, you may select and/or create one or more keywords. However, any keywords you create will be reviewed by the MindSphere team and if approved, will then display on the MindSphere Store. If it is not approved, your application will display under the "Others" keyword for the "Use Case" filter.

    The 5 pre-set keywords for "Use Case" are:

    • Analytics

    • Fleet Manager

    • Maintenance

    • Product Lifecycle Management

    • Quality

In addition to the Industry and Use Case filters, there is also a filter for "Provided By". The only two options here are "Siemens" and "Third Party". The publishing team will list your application under the appropriate category; there is no action here for you.