Introducing the MindSphere Store

The MindSphere Store puts all information about applications in one place. It offers an online marketplace where you can market your application. You contribute towards the opportunity to build and increase a faster time-to-market solution enabling organizations to innovate faster. You can also take advantage of the alliances with other providers and customers.

To make your application available for subscriptions on the Store, you will utilize the Operator Cockpit to enter your application publication details and submit to begin the publishing process. Below is a general flow between submitting your application content through the Operator Cockpit to displaying it on the Store (more information is provided in chapter "Publish your applications").


You can access the MindSphere Store by going to MindSphere Store.

The following graphic shows an image of the MindSphere Store Applications page:


Sample image of an application page:


Below is an image that provides an end-to-end view of the buyer and seller journey through the MindSphere Store. The image shows the components of each major step through the developer, operator and user journeys: