User rights in "Visual Explorer"

Visual Explorer adopts the user rights from Settings.

The user rights depend on the following user roles:

  • Publisher

  • Viewer

  • Interactor

For the Visual Explorer Connector, the user rights depend on the Author role.






Use Visual Explorer

Create visualizations

View visualizations

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License Type




The "License Type" user right directs the user to the licenses in the MindSphere offering. If the user has purchased one of the Visual Explorer Creator offerings, then the Publisher and the Interactor roles are available to the user. If the user has purchased one of the Visual Explorer Viewer offerings, then the Viewer role is available to the user. See Tableau® help for details regarding the roles.

For more information on managing user roles, see Settings documentation, chapter Roles.


With the Visual Explorer offering, user has acquired a particular number of licenses for the license types Creator and Viewer. The above table illustrates the differences in roles among the users.

A license is consumed after the following conditions are met:

  • The tenant administrator assigned a role to a MindSphere user.

  • The same user is logged into Visual Explorer.

User cannot log-in when all the licenses of a license type is consumed. However, the existing users will not be affected. Removing a Visual Explorer role from a specific user from Settings application, withdraws the access permission but does not withdraw the license from this user. The users cannot log-in but remain on the server and still consume a license. Re-assigning licenses cannot be managed by the tenant administrator. In general, sharing a license among multiple users is not permitted and therefore, licenses cannot be re-assigned frequently. In case you need to re-assign one of your licenses, contact the MindSphere support.


Visual Explorer with Viewer offering small, grants access to 20 users with Viewer role. The first 20 users with the Viewer role can access the application. After the 20th user, no other user can access the application. From the 21st user, an error message will be displayed informing about the acquired and consumed licenses.

Visual Explorer Connector

The user requires the Author role to access Visual Explorer Connector. Subtenant users cannot use Visual Explorer Connector irrespective of the assigned role.