Step 3: "Choose update mechanism"

In this step, you can select between two different update mechanisms.

Update mechanism


"Fixed Range"

This mechanism ensures one-time data extraction from MindSphere to Visual Explorer.

"Continuous Update"

This mechanism ensures ongoing synchronization between MindSphere data and the data source.


Update mechanisms and user permissions

While creating or updating a new data source a copy of MindSphere user permissions is also created in the backend. Access rights on assets are checked and transferred to the newly created data source.  

  • For a data source with the update mechanism "Fixed Range", these access rights will not be updated.

  • For a data source with the update mechanism "Continuous Update", these access rights are identified with every data source update.


For the higher update frequencies (less than 30 minutes) there are additional restrictions in place that are evaluated during the update process. It limits the amount of data to keep latency low. For particular use cases, the limitation is too conservative. Visual Explorer provides ways to override these values:

  1. Click "Override limitation".

  2. Enter the custom limitation (must be a number).

  3. Proceed with the configuration of the data source.



Tableau® aggregates and processes data in the background. This may lead to Tableau® Server being unresponsive. Also, for higher update frequencies, a higher limitation may delay the data processing. It will extend the time to finish the data processing.

Update mechanism "Fixed Range"

In this update mechanism, you can select a fixed start and end date. This should be the time frame for the data in the data source.

To select the start and end date, click date bar.


Update mechanism "Continuous Update"

This update mechanism ensures a continuous synchronization of MindSphere data with the data source.

Select the duration and the interval of the data as described in the user interface.



Limitation of data rates

In the modes "5 minutes", "10 minutes" and "15 minutes" the number of data rates are limited. The limits and information on which data rate is possible without reaching the limitation in MindSphere will be displayed. Once a system arrives at these limits, the data source is available but will not work to its full extent. A warning will be displayed in Visual Explorer Connector.