Requirements to be a seller

MindSphere offers a specific MindAccess DevOps Plan. The deployment process splits the developing part from the operating business. The general process includes the following steps:

  • Developer has finished developing the application and hands over to the Operator (Developer Plan). Before Developer hands over the application to Operator, the application validation will be done firstly to fulfill the compliance requirements.

  • Operator receives the application and deploys it with the Operator Cockpit (Operator Plan)

Please refer to image below the process from application development to deployment.



The developer and the operator can be the same person.

As an operator, you can choose to run the application on your productive system and sell it via your Store.

Thus, to become a seller of the Operated Applications in the Store, you need to:

1) Purchase the MindAccess Developer Plan and MindAccess Operator Plan

2) Register as an Alibaba Cloud Partner

3) Open a Store on Alibaba Cloud Marketplace

4) Onboard and publish your applications

Please note that as a seller, you are required to provide technical support to your own application customers. At a minimum, please include at least an e-mail address with your listing data as support contact.