Sell applications on the Store within MindSphere eco-system

The Seller Guide enables MindAccess Operator Plan subscribers to market and sell applications as a service in the Store within MindSphere eco-system to MindAccess IoT Value Plan subscribers.

The Seller Guide will guide you through all the steps and criteria that are necessary to prepare your application for the publication in the Store. As a seller of Operated Application, you will need to transfer your listing data to your Store, which allows you to publish the Operated Application and sell it to your target group.

  • Opening a Store:

1) Register as an Alibaba Cloud Partner via the website to achieve the verification of qualification of opening a Store on Alibaba Cloud Marketplace;

2) Open a Store in order to publish any application. Summit your application form to Alibaba Cloud Marketplace administration and get an approval to open a Store.

  • Publishing process: be familiar with the Store Seller Console on Alibaba Cloud Marketplace, following the guide provided by Alibaba Cloud in their website to publish application information in your Store.

  • Pricing: You have the freedom to set pricing specifications and policies for your application with just a few guidelines from MindSphere Team.

  • Application Publishing Guidelines: These guidelines help you customize your applications listing data and deliver a professional touch.

  • Details for each point are described in the following chapters.