This Seller Guide is solely for use by MindAccess Operator Plan subscribers when they sell Operated Applications in the Store, which is based on MindSphere platform.

Your Operated Application could be sold in the Store where the Store shall be created by yourself. The payment by App Customers could also be tracked via the Store Seller Console. The process for setting up a Store and publishing Operated Application are described on the Alibaba Cloud Marketplace website.

Information for the development and testing of applications, as well as for their deployment, productive operation and provisioning are set out in the DevOps Guide. You must meet or exceed the specifications made in this Seller Guide for all applications. The requirements and recommendations described in this document provide only partial information, and are only a supplement to the requirements described elsewhere in the MindSphere Agreement. They shall not be understood as limiting, restricting or otherwise conflicting in any way with requirements set out with regard to the MindSphere Agreement . This Seller Guide is provided "as-is" without liability and warranties of any kind, and will be updated from time to time. Information in this Seller Guide, including URL and other website references and information contained on the websites may change at any time without notice. No license to any software or service, know-how or other intellectually property right is granted, conveyed or implied, by this document and all rights are expressly reserved. You may copy and use this document solely for your internal reference purposes.