"Pricing" user interface

Within the "Pricing" step, you should enter your pricing information for the MindSphere Store. The following list shows the possible entries and related requirements:

"Pricing" screen

The following graphic shows the "Pricing" screen:


Pricing levels

The pricing of your applications must be based on the following structure:

  • Monthly pricing

  • Annual pricing

The applications can be offered in 3 different sizes of packages:

  • Small

  • Medium

  • Large

Language and countries

  • Please select the locale from the country list in which your application shall be available in.

  • Select the Industry and Use case from the drop down list.

  • For a better SEO inside the MindSphere Store, we advise that you insert the meta data for both market and use case.

Additional information

  • Please insert your valid contact information.

  • Please also include a link for Terms & Conditions.