Application Lifecycle in MindSphere

The Application Lifecycle depicts the beginning from the development of an application until the release of an application. It defines all steps and processes that can be assigned to Developer Cockpit.

The Application Lifecycle describes the correlation between the developer and the operator. Therefore, the Application Lifecycle structures the processes into the following plans:

  • Developer Plan

  • Operator Plan

  • IoT Value Plan

The following graphic depicts the Application Lifecycle with the respective processes:


Develop an application:

  • The developer develops the application in the local environment

Register and test the application:

  • The developer implements the application in Developer Cockpit

  • The developer tests the application in the Development test system

  • The developer assigns the application to operators

  • The developer sends the binaries of a registered application to the Application Repository

Sell and provide the application:

  • The operator downloads the application from the Application Repository and then deploys the application using Cloud Foundry Command Line

  • The operator deploys the application to the productive system

  • The operator sets a route to the tenant

  • Operator Cockpit publishes the application in MindSphere Store

  • Operator Cockpit provisions the application in a customer Launchpad

Purchase and use the application:

  • Users can make a subscription for applications from MindSphere Store

  • Users can access the application via Launchpad

Service Limitations

Developer Cockpit has some technical limitations as per the requirements. The following table provides the information of the technical service limits:


Limit per (request / tenant / 10 minutes)

You can create new application


You can fetch application's metadata for the tenant


You can update an application


You can "Register / De-register" an application


You can clone the application to create new version


You can get details of specific application


You can delete an application


You can get "Roles and Scopes" for an application



Technical service limits can be upgraded as per the requirements.