Creating Device Simulator

The Device Simulator enables you to create a device that mimics a real-world device. In the example scenario this simulated device is a pump. The following steps will lead you through the process of creating the simulated pump.


To create a simulated device, proceed as follows:

  1. In the "Devices" menu, select "Simulators".

  2. Click on "New simulator".

    • The "Add simulator" dialog opens.

  3. In the "Add simulator" dialog, choose "Temperature measurements" as preset. According to the example scenario, the simulator shall simulate a pump. To let him do so so, set the name to PumpSimulator, and click on "Continue"

    • The new simulator is created and in a paused state.


4. Activate the simulator by clicking on the toggle button. It switches to the run state.



You can also create your own simulator by selecting “Empty Simulator”.


You created a simulated device and can now see the pump simulator within the device list.