Analysis Package “Data Upload”

The analysis package "Data Upload" allows you to upload defined data to a target asset.


Only low frequency data are supported for this analysis package. High frequent vibration data like the data of SM1281 cannot be configured for a data upload with this analysis package.


Save or cancel settings

Package name

Input fields for name and description of the analysis

Input field for the settings of the analysis

Data configuration

Context bar with available input data

Parameter of "Data Upload"

The following table shows the parameters of the "Data Upload" analysis package:






Add an individual name for the analysis package.


Add an individual description (optional).


Upload Interval [min]

Add the time interval for the upload of the data to MindSphere.

Context Bar

Input Data - Selection

The context bar shows all available input data points, which can be added to the configuration. You can assign complete data sources or single data points to the data table via drag-and-drop.


Data Storage

Define the target asset, into which the resulting data shall be uploaded to.

Data Table

The data table shows all data points which have been assigned from the context bar and are used as input data for the analysis package.