Create a new analyzing package


  • Vibration channels VIB1 to VIB4 are configured within edge device

  • Edge device configuration is created within MindConnect Edge Analytics

  • Connection between edge device and Edge Analytics Engine is established


In order to create and configure a new analysis package follow these steps:

  1. Select an Edge Device within the "Edge Device" section.

  2. Select "Configuration" in the main selection.

    • The created structure within the navigation appears.

  3. Select the folder within the configuration structure.

  4. To create a new analysis package, click the button to create a new analysis package.

    • In the configuration area the available analysis packages appear.


You have created a new analysis configuration. The new configuration is displayed in the tree structure:


If you want to edit the configuration again, select the analysis package in the selection list and click on121255793931.pngin the configuration area.