Creating individual structure

The structure within the "Edge Device" section represents the structure created in Asset Manager. You cannot change this structure.

For "Configuration" you can create your own individual structure to create analysis package or data source configurations. You have to create at least one folder to insert configurations like analysis packages data sources.


To create a new structure for your data source or Analysis Package configuration, proceed as follows:

  1. In the "Edge Device" tab, select an edge device in the navigation.

  2. Select "Configuration" in the main selection.

    • The Asset structure disappears and a new tree view representing the configuration structure can be displayed.

  3. To create a new entry in the navigation, click on "Root Folder".

  4. Type the appropriate name and press <Enter>.

  5. In order to create another subsection, select the new created entry and click on "Sub Folder".

  6. Type the appropriate name and press <Enter>.

Proceed in the exact same way with the remaining entries. If you want to create a root entry in the first level again, select a folder on the first level and click "Parallel Folder".


You have created a new individual configuration structure for data source and analysis package configurations.