Edge Device

The following graphic shows the selection for the Edge Device. Within the tree view, the asset structure of the tenant is shown. Available Edge Devices can be selected for further configuration. A selected Edge Device provides the feature tabs like Info, Control, Update and Logging.

Within the Info tab you can see the general information about the device. Within the Control tab you can control the Edge Device as well as the deployed project (for more information refer Using "Control"). Within the Update tab you can update new or changed configurations to the Edge Device (for more information refer Upload configurations to device). Within the Logging tab you can see all the log information.


① Selected Edge Device

② Feature Tabs for Edge Device

③ Brief log info


Adding and editing entries is not always possible

When opening MindConnect Edge Analytics for the first time, an asset structure is shown in the navigation. Within this asset structure it is not possible to add, rename or delete entries. These entries were created in Asset Manager.

To create individual entries follow the procedure described in chapter Creating individual structure.