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Industrial Edge - Digitalization Beyond Cloud

Industrial Edge is a platform that enables you to build, operate and maintain your software solutions on distributed devices. It comprises the runtime itself, an easy to handle execution environment and a central managment backend.


  • Enabling downloadable applications – opening a door for continuous business with still unknown software products
  • Protecting sensitive data but enabling their processing
  • Defending automation systems – increasing security
  • Enabling advanced applications (including Machine Intelligence (AI))
  • Defending critical resources of automation system –power for additional functionality
  • Adding flexibility to address unknown future performance requirements
  • Opening a sales channel to machine users
  • Increasing the value of automation systems

Industrial Edge comes with an integrated execution and management platform, hardware runtime environments as well as preinstalled system applications.


What is MindSphere?

MindSphere is an open iot operating system provided and operated by SIEMENS


MindSphere Home MindSphere Documentation MindSphere Developer Documentation

Execution Environment for Industrial Apps

Exenia stands for EXecution ENvironment for Industrial Apps. It provides the environment required to run Apps on embedded devices running Linux as Operating System. It also provides the tools required to address the different concerns of the apps:

  • insulating (sandboxing)

  • separation of machine and factory network

  • packaging

  • provisioning (delegated to the base system)

  • and updating applications (life cycle management)

Exenia's role is similar to that of the Docker daemon for executing Docker containers and extends to include various network, security layer and openness functions.

Exenia makes it possible to fully integrate the Edge devices into a corresponding backend and provides out of the box remote services like

  • app management

  • metering services

  • logging services

  • authentication

Exenia, as a generic architecture, is a modular framework using different base technologies. It is a component developed at SIEMENS and created mostly by integrating established OSS software. It is designed to be configurable according to the intended use-cases and the device's operational constraints.

Industrial Applications

Industrial applications (indapps) are ready to ship packaged containers. They include all metadata and configuration needed to be hosted on Industrial Edge runtime. Indapps can seamless integrate to system functionalities. App SDKs for different languages provide interfaces for system integration support the own applications.

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