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Industrial Edge, the SIEMENS Edge Computing Platform

Industrial Edge is the SIEMENS platform to host applications from different vendors on a computing platform close to the shopfloor. Thus enables the extensions of automation, deployment of demanding streamprocessing and learning algorithms as well as the hosting from integration code to site automation.


Industrial Edge addresses the following core functionality

1) Write applications in various programming languages, participating from the whole power of the docker community

  • Simple creation of applications

  • Publishing of applications to different tenants

2) Comprehensive Edge Device Management

  • Simple onboarding of Edge devices operated in industrial networks

  • Secured firmware management with power fail-safe update over the air

3) Integrated Application Management for deployment, configuration and lifecycle management

4) System services for Automation Connectivity (SINUMERIK)

  • Parameter Access

  • High Frequency streaming data from SINUMERIK 840D sl

5) Integrated connectivity for MindSphere IoT

  • Easy configuration of IoT Model

  • Usage of visual analyzer, fleet manager and notification services

6) Publish Web Applications on Site

  • Reverse proxy for controlled publishing from Web Apps on site

  • Integrated user management for on site access control

Architectural Concept - Overview

The Industrial Edge offers a comprehensive Eco System for Industry.


It consists of an Industrial Edge runtime and a corresponding backend.

1) Industrial Edge Runtime

The Industrial Edge Runtime offers a remote manageable application hosting engine based on industrial grade hardware and LINUX operating system. The Application engine is fully containerized and integrates Edge Apps with management, logging, monitoring with the corresponding backend. Integrated Adapters connect automation devices by configuration. A messaging system allows inter App communication and easy integration between device and cloud adapters. MindSphere cloud connectivity is built in and opens integration to MindSphere world. The reverse proxy with user management allows secure on site access to Web UI's from applications.

  • Device Management services for onboarding, network configuration and power cut safe software update over the air

  • Application Management - deploy, configure, remove, start, stop, reset

  • Logging and Monitoring clients offer a supervision of Edges and Applications from backend side

  • The messaging system is used for data integration from apps and guarantees qualities even for high frequency data transfer

  • On site user management allows to administer users, groups and roles for direct Web Access through the reverse proxy

  • The Automation adapter serves for parameter access as well as for high frequency data streaming

  • The cloud connector offers an out of the box integration to MindSphere world

2) MindSphere Backend - Industrial Edge Services

The MindSphere Backend Services for Industrial Edge leverages full MindSphere functionality and opens the world of Edge computing.

  • App Management for choosing and lifecycle management of apps

  • App Publishing for Application developers to integrate to the global App repository including controlled access management

  • Secured industrial grade connectivity

  • Powerful asset and fleetmanagement including visual analyzer and notification services

  • Hosting and operation from own MindApps

  • Consumption from 3rd party MindApps

List of Supported NCU Software Versions

SINUMERIK Edge works with

SINUMERIK 840D sl: 4.5SP4 and newer

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