User interface of MindConnect Software Agent

You manage the MindConnect Software Agent using the main navigation menu of the "MindConnect Software Agent" UI.


Navigation menu

Serial number of the device

MindConnect Software Agent overview area

Onboarding status

Network status

Data source connection status after a data source configuration has been applied in the MindSphere asset manager and downloaded to the device

Current firmware version


Onboarding, network, and data connection statuses shows the current status of the device like they are shown by the LED states of MindConnect Nano device (This information is not same as shown in MindSphere Asset Manager).

Navigation menu

On the left side of the UI, there is a menu to navigate between the different tabs:

  • Overview

  • Onboarding

  • Diagnosis

  • Maintenance

  • Settings

Overview area

The overview area provides following information:

  • Onboarding status pane with direct link to onboarding area (only visible if device is not onboarded).

  • Current network status pane.

Supported browser languages

MindConnect Software Agent's web UI supports following browser languages:

  • English (default)

  • German

Onboarding area

Open the onboarding area by clicking the "Onboard your device" link in the overview area, or by using the "Onboarding" tab in the navigation menu.