Diagnosing MindConnect Software Agent

The MindConnect Software Agent's web UI provides a diagnosis tab to display diagnosis messages and download diagnosis, log and system files.

Diagnosis tab

In the navigation menu, click "Diagnosis" tab to open the "Diagnosis" area. It provides following features:


Diagnosis messages

Diagnosis files

Diagnosis messages

The "Diagnosis messages" section provides a list of currently stored diagnosis messages in the web UI of the following components in separate sub-tabs:

  • Box manager: Shows current states like onboarding, network connection, or data source connection states.

  • Data provider: Shows diagnosis messages of Modbus TCP, Rockwell and system information data sources.


    Diagnosis messages of OPC UA and S7 data sources are currently not available.

  • MCSA: Shows diagnosis information of the internal MindConnect Software Agent.


    Currently unexpected errors and file transfer settings related messages will be shown.

In “Diagnosis messages” section, the last diagnosis message will be displayed. You can download the previous diagnosis messages from the “Diagnosis files” section.

If the diagnosis messages section is open for a long time, the last 50 diagnosis messages will be displayed.

With the "Delete messages" button, the internal buffer of the currently visible component's diagnosis buffer will be deleted.

Diagnosis files

In “Diagnosis files” section, you can download the following kind of diagnosis files:


Log files

System files

Diagnostic files

To download the diagnosis files, select the checkbox. Thereafter, click "Get files" button to start the collection and preparation process. When the preparation process completed, the download buttons will be enabled, and you can the download the created diagnosis file packages by clicking download buttons.


If the files are not downloaded by the browser, check the download is blocked by the browser and enable the download for MindConnect Software Agent.