Overview of MindConnect Software Agent

MindConnect Software Agent is a virtual representation of the MindConnect firmware which can be installed on Windows 10 system which supports Hyper-V.


The online and offline firmware updates from V3.5 to V3.6 for MindConnect Software Agent are not supported. To update the firmware, you need to uninstall MindConnect Software Agent V3.5 current version and install MindConnect Software Agent V3.6 latest version manually using MindConnect Software Agent InstallShield setup.


The following requirements apply to install MindConnect Software Agent on a Windows PC or IPC:

  • Windows 10 with Hyper-V support (e.g. Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise).

  • Memory: mininum 2GB RAM.

  • Disk space needed: 8.5GB.


From the version MindConnect Software Agent V03.06.00.00, the following are the recommended requirements:

  • Memory: mininum 4GB RAM.

  • Disk space needed: 15GB.


The following features are supported with MindConnect Software Agent:

  • Install Shield based setup

  • MindConnect Nano core functionality, except USB stick support

  • Local web UI

    • Onboarding support

    • Shows current device status and information

    • Diagnosis support includes download of diagnosis, log, and system files

    • Manual firmware update

    • Factory reset

    • Log file upload control

    • Change system time support

    • Localization in English and German

  • Supported protocols

    • S7

    • OPC UA

    • Modbus TCP

    • Rockwell (Ethernet/IP CIP)

    • System information

    • S7+

    • Fanuc Focas

    • Sinumerik

    • IEC61850

    • MTConnect

  • Restrictions

    • Currently Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browsers are supported only.


S7+, Fanuc Focas, Sinumerik, IEC61850 and MTConnect are supported from the version MindConnect Software Agent V03.06.00.00 b008 and "MC Advanced package" is needed to use these protocols.