Using quality code

The quality code measures the quality of the connection from a data provider to the MindConnect Element. In MindSphere you can enable or disable the transmission of the quality code.

You can switch the quality code on or off:

  • TRUE: The quality code is transferred with the data to MindSphere.

  • FALSE: The quality code is not transferred with the data to MindSphere. Erroneous or bad transmissions and signal losses can not be detected by MindSphere. Instead the value 0 will be stored for the missing data.

You can find more information about the corresponding values in chapter Quality codes OPC UA and S7 protocol.

Within a MindConnect Element the quality code is set by default to on. You can activate or deactivate the quality code using the Time Series Service API.

If you export the time series value (e.g. with Fleet Manager) you can see the data points with its connected quality code. This helps you to analyze time ranges where no data is available. This will avoid drawing false conclusions from a null value.

The following graphic shows a dataflow overview of the quality code:


If the data provider (e.g. S7 PLC, OPC UA Server) is not available, the MindConnect Element or the data provider client will send up a "0" with a quality code. The value of the quality code shows that this is not a valid data.

  • If the function "Quality code" is enabled for this data point all the information can be stored in the database. The database creates a request to Fleet Manager to show the bad quality code information in a chart.

  • If the function "Quality code" is disabled, the value 0 will be saved anyway. But you cannot figure out if this data is valid.